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Review: Building a Bee Hive – Garden Beehive Construction GuideBuilding a bee hive

So have we got an idea for you. How about building a bee hive for a very interesting DIY project.

Bees are in the news a lot today. There are many environmentalists and scientist’s who are warning us all of the threatening demise of the honey bee and the ramifications of that predicted demise.

Without the bees, many plants will lose their ability to reproduce and wreak havoc on the food chain, not to mention we would also lose probably the only sweet which is OK to eat.

So you think you might be interested in building a bee hive in your own backyard?

If so I found a great place for you to start, and at a great price both in the cost of instruction and the cost of building it yourself. In fact, the total cost of actually building a bee hive could cost less than a dinner for two at a restaurant.

building a bee hive

Nick Winters will show you how to do it in Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0.

You will learn how to:

  • Choose the best materials for your beehive
  • Easily build your own hive parts
  • Quickly make either frames or top bars for your hive
  • Select and apply your preferred wood finish for your perfect backyard beehive
  • Choose a good location and install your finished beehive ready for your own honeybees!

Here’s the best part. This is an all in one package…it has all the information you need to build a garden beehive in less than one afternoon!


Let us talk a little more about this pollinator decline.


The value of bee pollination in human nutrition and food for is immense and difficult to quantify.

An estimated 87.5% of the world’s flowering plant species are animal pollinated,[1] and 35% of crop production[2] and 60% of crop plant species[3] depend on animal pollinators. It is commonly said that about one-third of human nutrition is due to bee pollination. This includes the majority of fruits, many vegetables, and secondary effects from legumes such as alfalfa and clover that are fed to livestock.

So give it a little thought, maybe consider a new hobby. Click on over to consider your options!

Warre Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0


Want to learn something new?


Help the enviroment


Great DIY project



  • Low intro price
  • Very easy to follow instuctions
  • Webinar Files Included
  • Instructional Videos
  • Lifetime Membership


  • You will need space to do this
  • Cost of protective gear
  • Neighbors might get a little edgy

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