Best Irrigation Method For The Garden

Irrigation Methods For The GardenerIrrigation Method

There are many areas in the world facing water supply issues due to drought and or inefficient supply methods, waste, and supply and demand issues. What is the best irrigation method? We will discuss two simple hydroponic systems below using gravity.

Gravity As An Irrigation Method

There are many out there in the gardening world that will proclaim that gravity will not just work.Well on its own, it will not. With the use of a simple pump and some electricity, there are several simple ways you may incorporate a gravity fed irrigation solution.

Using Trickle – Down Systems

In a rather large situation such as a money making farm, this might not work. However, in your backyard or even in the house, trickle down systems is a very useful irrigation method.

You would set up a verticle structure on which to set up descending water holding devices such as pails or trays.On the bottom is a reservoir where you would place a pump. The water is pumped to the top tray and the water descends through the ones below via gravity and drains into the reservoir. Rinse and repeat.

Hydroponics at its best.

Inclined Tray Table

Another attractive gravity fed idea is to set up a table at just a very slight incline. Then you would pump water to the top of the table. What happens is, due to the very shallow slope, the water moves down the pan and eventually into a drain where it get saved in a reservoir for pumping bach up to the top.

With both these methods, the gravity fed water spends time with the plants roots as it flows by. You would place the roots in one of the may materials that are useful for hydroponic gardening such as perlite, rockwool, coco cuir, etc.

Also keep tabs on nutrients. Plants do not thrive on water alone!

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