Review: The Shoestring Gardener

Anyone of Any Start Putting the Information in this Book to Use Today!Shoestring Gardener

Whether you’re brand new to gardening
or you want to learn all about it;
or you love to learn new DIY garden projects;
or you just love to putter around in your garden …
everyone will enjoy this book!

Over 300 pages for only $10.95

It is chock full of DIY how to’s and projects from cold frames to do it yourself plant support systems. For the novice and the expert willing to learn more tricks of the gardening world, also for those who do not have the green thumb mentality.

Learn how to greatly improve your garden soil

Stretch your food-dollars

Extend your growing season

Stop using Pesticides

Feed yourself and family healthy organic foods.

This publication keeps going and going on hundreds of answers and DIY ideas and solutions for you to carry out in your garden.

Read all about it here. You will be glad you did.