Vegetable Gardening Books

Join Lucia Grimmer and Annette Welsford as they take you on an amazing learning experience showing you the ease of growing your own vegetables at your  own home. Learn how to save money and enjoy your own healthy garden produce.

There are 3 different offers with prices starting at just $9.95.

Two of the publications are vegetable specific Tomatoes and potatoes are two of the most popular and the most common sense vegetables you may grow for you and your family. There are rather large data bases included for informing you of the many different varieties of these plants.

You will become an expert in growing these varieties and as an added bonus they both contain cook books to give you ideas on how to prepare your harvests.

A third publication is an excellent companion guide teaching you how to rid your garden of those pesky pests by organic methods.

Series of Expert “How to” Vegetable Gardening Books
3 topics sought after by novices and expert growers alike – Growing Tomatoes, Growing Potatoes and Companion Planting. Written by two world renowned plant nutrition and disease experts, who have sold books in over 80 countries.

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On their site, you will also find lots more informational books on all subjects of gardening and landscape. Be sure to check out their recommended products which you will find in the bottom left menu of their site.

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