Planting Strawberries

 Planting Strawberries:Tips and Ideas 

planting strawberries

When the planting season approaches, some of you may begin to question if planting strawberries is a doable option for your garden.

Who does not like strawberries?

This post will help you to get the basics of planting strawberries in your garden, or on your roof top. Yes, even if you have very little space, such as an apartment type environment, you can plant and enjoy strawberries for your enjoyment.

Planting Strawberries In Pots

As you have seen in the above video, planting strawberries is not only easy to do, they do not require much space at all to enjoy the harvest. Those pots will only use less that 2 square feet of space.

So that is where we will begin:

Obtain your pot. Also known as planter jars, they are perfect for strawberries and herb gardens. They range in sizes from 3 to over 20 pockets for planting.

Purchase your strawberries. They come as multiple plants in a single pot. The size of planter will determine how many plants you will need. Not pots, plants. Ask the nursery as to the average number of plants there are in the pot you are purchasing.

Potting soil. I ,myself shop for the most generic type possible. It is the cheapest, and will work just fine if you mix in a product called Milorganite. That is an organic fertilizer that I swear by and will make any planting ‘explode’ with growth without concern about burning the roots. it is also long lasting.

Place your potting soil into the pot till just above the first line of ‘pockets’

Separate the plants in the pots and place one in each pocket, then put more soil in the planter to cover the next row of pockets and repeat.

Go to the top being careful as to not go to the rim. You want to leave space at the top for watering. Three inches from the rim is good. Plant 3-4 strawberry plants on the top and then water.

Fertilize every 2-3 weeks. Use a liquid fertilizer to feed.

Was that so hard?planting strawberries

Thanks to Garden Time Video for that useful information on planting strawberries.

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