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How To Grow The Best TomatoesTomato Planting

Although tomatoes grow really well in hydroponics, there are those who prefer the traditional way of just planting them in the ground. Because tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables grown in the home garden, this post will attempt to show you how to grow tomatoes the best way for the best tomato.

Lets start with an informative video:

First Steps on How to Grow Tomatoes:

  • First determine what types of tomato you would like to grow. Do not be concerned about different varieties, just chose the type you will enjoy the most. They all grow the same with the same requirements.
  • Decide how you want to get them started. Either by seeds or seedlings bought in a nursery or one of those big box stores. If you get a late start, seedlings might be your only choice.
  • Determine where you are going to grow them. If you have a specific area in the yard, plan on having at least one square foot per plant. Tomatoes do very well as a container grown plant. Living in an apartment is no excuse for not growing vegetables and or herbs!
  • While at the store buying seeds or seedlings, pick up other supplies that will be needed. We will go over that supply list and uses next.

What You Need To Grow Tomatoes

Regardless of where you plant them, tomatoes will require a good soil in which to thrive in. In containers the soil part is easy. Just buy a good quality potting soil, organic soil is best, and your good to go. However if planting in the yard, you most likely will have to amend the soil.

Your soil will determine what has to be added. If you have a heavy clay soil, mix in  a small amount of sand to aid in drainage. You do not want your tomatoes having ‘wet feet’ all the time.

If your soil is sandy, adding peat moss would be most beneficial

One thing I can not stress enough, and that is organic additives are in my opinion a must for the best plants.

An additive called Milorganite is one of the best. Throw a handful of that into the hole you will be planting your seedling in.

You will be impressed at the results.Do not worry about burning the roots; that will not happen. Other organic additives, such as cow manure or compost from your own making, will also do wonders. Throw some of those organics in your container if you’re growing that way.

Tomato plants can grow rather too large for their own good. They will need some kind of support, either with cages made for such purposes or a simple stake in the ground with cord to tie the plant to it. Sometimes, two stakes will be required.

You can grow one tomato plant in the middle of nowhere and the bugs will find them. How to get rid of them and protect the harvest will be you choice.

There are many products out on the market today both organic and chemical. What ever you use, wash the produce before eating. You can sometimes manually pick insects off. Just keep an eye out for them and do not let it get out of control.

Watering is, of course, very important. If you’re growing in containers, you’ll need to water every day. Out in the yard, rainfall and other conditions, such as soil type, will determine the amount of watering that needs to be done. Tools that measure the amount of moisture in the soil are available.

You do not need a degree in horticulture, or have a green thumb to enjoy the best tomatoes grown yourself.

How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed

Modern Farmer. Grow Your Own Tomatoes Part 1: Starting Seeds Indoors. According to the National Gardening Association, tomatoes are the most popular vegetable among backyard gardeners. Their 2014 survey found that 1 in 3 American households have a vegetable garden and that nearly 9 in 10 of those gardens include North Shore Gardener. Growing tomatoes from seed is rewarding. The Salem News. all 2 news articles.…continued……

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