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Ups and Downs of Garden Plant Care

When it comes to both traditional gardening and hydroponic gardening, you will find very similar problems and there remedies when it comes to basic garden plant care.Garden Plant Care

One of those problems to solve is how to keep your plants from growing all over the place? It’s not a really good idea to have untrained plants taking over what is most likely limited space in you garden or a hydroponic grow box.

Also when plants start to bear fruit, the sheer weight of that will tend to topple the plant itself leaving your harvest rotting on the ground or in a puddle of water.

Garden Plant Care Training for Better Results

Vertical Training

In both hydroponic and traditional gardens, training tools for vertical gardening are similar. You may use any number of devices such as strings, chicken wire, trellises, stakes and ladders to train your plants upward. This will maximize space, help light get to more parts of the plant, and support it when the time comes that it needs that extra help.

Horizontal TrainingGarden Plant Care

In some situations you might find growing your plant along a horizontal screen will be better for the distribution of light to nodes or clusters.

Upside Down

This of course will work better with hydroponics because in the traditional garden it would not be possible. However in hydroponics, it is absolutely viable and is a lot better way for plants to grow. They are less stressed due to the fact that when they grow and produce their fruit, the strength of the stem alone is all that is needed for support.They do not need to push the weight upward.

Selective Pruning

Do not neglect this old time solution for garden plant care. Not much is better than to spend the time to prune and cut plants to prevent them from growing in all directions. You will determine where the plant goes.

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Also A Video On Garden Plant Care Hacks:

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