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Fall Vegetable Planting and Plants

Because your primary growing season is closing, you do not have to end your gardening suddenly. Before the summer season ends, you can start considering fall vegetable planting.

Types of vegetables and timing are the two most important things on your checklist for Fall Vegetables.

You already have the space, so why not use it until the first frost of late fall? You might be surprised by the quantity and quality of Fall Vegetables that you will harvest. Besides, working in the garden will be much more comfortable in the cooler weather.

First, you must determine when the first frost is expected in your area. You can find this out through charts available on the internet. Also, consider the daylight you will have left during the day and what areas of your garden will be subject to more of that sunshine. Root vegetables will do fine in the darker areas; save the sunny spots for the leafy vegetables.Planting Fall Vegetables

There will be three groups of vegetables to consider.

Group 1: Will include – peas, beets, collards, kale, leeks, and radishes.

These can be planted right from seeds into the ground. You should try to time this planting right before a rainy weather pattern.

Group 2: Will include – Chinese cabbage, escarole, radicchio, lettuce, parsley, and spinach.

These will do better if you give them a head start by starting seeds indoors several weeks before your Fall Vegetable Planting crusade.

Group 3: Will include – arugula, cilantro, some lettuce varieties, and turnips.

These vegetables will do well up to and after the first frost, providing you protection at night with some simple covering. If you have a cold frame, now is a good time to use it. You could be harvesting fall vegetables well into the winter!

As mentioned in the above video, garden planer-type programs can be purchased and installed on your computer to help in fall vegetable planting guidelines and year-round for efficient gardening practices.

A blog or two on Fall Planting from around the net:

Growing fall vegetables is like having another growing season in the garden. Cool weather brings out the best flavor in kale, broccoli, and carrots. And the harvest season is long fall; vegetables sit pretty.

RE-LEAF Believe it or not, it’s time to plant fall vegetables. Odessa American. Planting times for the fall vegetable garden stretch over a few months. Some vegetables must be planted yesterday, while others can be planted as late as October and November. You’ll want to decide which fall vegetables.

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