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How To Compost At Home

If you’re into any kind of gardening, How To Compost is a question you should be asking yourself. You might want to know about how to deal with all the natural organic matter that your plants and your household generate.

Composting and mulching are very important  way of working through the plant life cycle, creating some great free natural fertilizer, and being responsible about gardening practices.

Here Is A Basic Compost At Home Video:

How To Compost Tips

Here are some tips we’ve found helpful as we our selves learned through the years of growing and following the advice of experts on the subject of how to compost.

Composting and Aeration

One of the big tips for composting is to have enough airflow to keep the decay process going. Too many people put composting material into sealed bins that don’t allow for air to circulate. Sealed bins are not the answer. They interfere with the natural process of breaking down all of those benificial things that get put into the compost mix.

You Gotta Turn  how to compost

New composting bins which are available at those big box DIY stores  have features that make them better than just throwing fruit and vegetables in a hole in the ground. Many of these bins have easy, accessible ways to turn the compost. Turning helps to in air circulation and helps keep the decay process even, and speeds up the decomposition over time.

How To Compost At Home: Ingredients 

You should process your ingredient material before putting it into the compost. Yes, you can add whole rinds, shells, and other bigger parts of a fruit or vegetable waste product — but it’ll take longer to break down that it will if you chop these items into small pieces. You’ll also want to make sure that the balance is right Do not add dairy products, meat, bones, or kitchen grease.

How To Compost for Mulchinghow to compost

Compost can be excellent mulch, but again, it depends on what’s put into the mix. You want the compost to be dry enough to sit well on the ground, and uniform enough to give a good presentation. You definitely don’t want flower and tree beds filled with visible types of gross household waste.

Compost is often talked about in the context of getting the mix right, to come out with a good finished product — mixing ‘green’ items like parts of fruits and vegetables, and ‘brown’ items like autumn leaves and grass clippings.

More Compost At Home From The Google Net:

MASTER GARDENERS Learn how to turn your trash into nutritious compost. Odessa American. Search the internet and you will get all the advice you could ever want about compost bins. Unfortunately composting in West Texas has a new set of rules and following them will help with your success. The most important ingredients to any system are and more.… continued……..

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