Garden Pests In The Vegetable Garden

Controlling Larger Garden PestsGarden Pests

Not all garden pests are the same. Some are quite larger than your typical aphid or beetle.

There are the fury kind of garden pests such as rabbits, moles, and deer. And don’t forget you own or neighbors cats and dogs who can also run through that hard worked garden trampling and digging their fair share of new flower and vegetable growth.

As you have seen from the video above, the best way to combat those fury garden pests is with a simple fence. However they can not only be costly, they are not quite appealing to look at in the landscape. And if you do decide to go that route, any fencing or coverings will have to be maintained to properly work and look reasonably good throughout the years.

Organic Controls of Garden Pests 

We do not want to put out traps or harmful chemicals to fix the problem. After all you do not want to chance poisoning your dog or maiming the neighbors cat.

Fortunately there are more humane options.

Besides fencing and plant covers you may use harmless chemicals such as simple mothballs placed in and around your planting beds. Going a step further in ‘technology’ you may try one of the many chemical mixes that are made by various manufactures.

In them you will get that familiar smell of mothballs but they also add some irritating ingredients such as pepper and garlic. They come in granules for spot treatments of areas and also in a pre measured liquid formula which just has to be attached to a hose. They are good for a general application of large areas.

However take note……these will only last several days. After being exposed to rain, wind and sprinklers, all these devises will lose their punch and will have to be reapplied.

Higher Tech Pest Control

There are several devices out on the market that will scare off the pests using othe methods.

One such device will send out an irritating sound that will scare them off and will activate by motion. When the rabbit or other eater of your vegetation passes the sensor, the device will turn on.

There are also sprinklers that are motion activated that will turn on in the same way thus scaring off the animal with a sudden sound and spray of water. Your plants need watering anyway!.

Devices such as these are low maintenance and will just need battery replacement once a year.

Pest Repelling Plants

Here is a list of pest-repelling plants that includes plants known for their ability to repel insects nematodes and other pests. They may be used in companion.… read on……

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