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Growing Plants Vertically and Hydroponically

The population of the globe is continuously growing and this
means that more and more food will be needed to feed the people in the future.

It is obvious that soon the current ways of farming may not be able to sustain
this population growth and there is a need for new and innovative solutions
that could make humanity avoid any food crisis that may occur.

One of the wonderful solutions can be to grow a vertical hydroponic garden. A vertical hydroponic
garden can help people to grow plants straight up, with no need for soil, less
water and very few chemicals.Vertical Hydroponic Gardening

It can be a perfect solution for those with limited space at home.

What are the Benefits Of A Vertical Hydroponic Garden?

One of the benefits of growing plants in a verticle hydroponic garden is the
small footprint required for producing a crop of a larger size. The idea behind
this is similar to the concept used in constructing multi-story buildings, in
which a lot more space is utilized for just a small area of the ground. The
idea can be implemented in any area that has limited space and this includes
balconies, apartments, small yards and even walls and fences.

A hydroponic farmer is different than a traditional farmer
because this individual does not plow any soil and does not have to deal with
weeds. The crops are grown in a liquid of solution of nutrients, which can make
the plants larger and they can produce more fruit, having the nutrients that
they require at their disposal all the time.

The Difference between a Horizontal and a Vertical
Hydroponic Garden

Basically, the two designs are not very different. For each
of them, there are vessels required for growing plants, a nutrient reservoir
and solution, fluid lines, a pump and drippers (if a drip system is used), or
sprayers (in case of aeroponics). The
difference for a vertical hydroponic garden can be the need for pumps of greater pressure,
because of the height at which the water must be delivered. Water takes
nutrients to the plants, so this aspect can be very important.

The pressure that is generated by the pump can depend on the
height of the garden. Plants can be grown in a vertical hydroponic garden indoors or outdoors, however the light must be insured for all plants in case of creating an indoor system.

The proper light can be provided by purchasing small lights and using a
reflective foil.

Types of Garden Designs

A vertical hydroponic garden could be designed in two primary
ways. The first one is stacking the growth containers on top of one another.
Small openings remain at the corner of every container allowing space for
plants. The second option involves introducing plants into the holes that are
made in a vertical cylinder.

Can You Create Such a Garden Yourself?

Yes, it is possible to make different projects that involve
a vertical hydroponic garden. The basic design can involve drilling a hole in
the bottom of a bucket, for drainage purposes. A drainage stopper made from
rubber can be introduced in the hole. A simple pump, such as the ones from an
aquarium can be used. The tubing of the pump can be used as well. The end of
the tube must be placed in the bucket. Use a plant support in the bucket and
use silicate mineral such as vermiculite in the bucket, until the bucket is
full. In the middle of the bucket make a hole large enough to put the roots in it.

Place the plants with the roots in that hole and cover the
roots with vermiculite. The last step is putting liquid nutrient in the bucket
until it is full. When you turn the pump on, the hydroponic solution will
become oxygenated. This is just a basic version of what you can actually do.
You can use this at a much larger scale, case in which you can say you will
create a farm.

Can a Vertical Hydroponic Garden Be the Future of Farming?

Definitely it can be, along with other innovative solutions.
Compared with other ways, this one has the advantage of the small space that is
necessary. The intelligent solution can maximize yield for gardeners. Used at a
large scale, the concept can improve the production of fruits and vegetables,
which can be more than great for a future in which food could become a valuable

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