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A Hydroponic Fertilizer Primer

There will come a time when you will decide to start your own hydroponic garden and when you do, the type of hydroponic fertilizer for your system will be a big decision.hydroponic fertilizer

This can get a little technical and for some a little overwhelming. However hydroponic fertilizer is a make or break process that will determine the success of your efforts.

There are many products out there in the market and some are better than others.

In the following video, we are going to look at the MHP Gardener and learn from him what he has discovered on hydroponic fertilizers and nutrients.

We will take some notes for you and post them under the video.

Some Notes On Hydroponic Fertilizing

A Master Blend Fertilizer is the base of a hydroponic fertilizer which has a blend of 4-18-38 which is deficient in nitrogen (the first number). He adds calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate to come up with a pretty potent mix.

Also, you have to consider the pH of your water. Plants will not do well if the water is too acid or alkaline. That rule even holds true for a conventional soil garden. There are products on the market that will both test your water and additives that will correct that pH balance.

He goes on to mention some “over the counter” type fertilizes such as Miracle Grow. I went that route once with poor results.

The following video shows the results the MHP Gardener had in his hydroponic garden:

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I would like to thank the MHP Gardener and his instructional videos. As you can see from his results, those hydroponic vegetables look fantastic when you set up and use the correct hydroponic fertilizer for any type of hydroponic system.

There are lots of useful and educational resources out there, and this site will help you to enjoy the garden of your dreams!


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