DIY Hydroponic Growing Systems

Easy DIY Hydroponic Growing Systems

If you want to try a really simple, and what I consider one of the best DIY hydroponic growing systems, this is definitely the best and easiest DIY systems for you.

Even if you do not possess a green thumb.

Even if you do not have what you think is the required space.

Even if you feel mechanically challenged

For the convenience of having fresh herbs and vegetables at your fingertips right inside your own home, you should check this out.

Absolutely no experience needed.

Allow me to show you the AeroGarden by Miracle-Gro

diy hydroponic growing systems

This is what the starter system looks like when you receive it.

Easy Setup for a True Hydroponic System

Simple hydroponics

Main Unit-3 pieces


This system goes together quite easily. No tools are required.

DIY assembly for hydroponic garden

The 3 pieces go together very easily without any tools.


With this model, I received 6 herb pods and the correct fertilizer for the hydroponic system.

Hydroponic pods and nytrients

Seed pods ready to go with the proper fertilizer.



Building a hydroponic system

All you need to bring to the table is your own water.


After you add the water to the base of the unit, you will add the included fertilizer. For my unit that would be 2 cap fulls.

An important note here.

Many people feel that if 2 cap fulls are good, 3 are better

Very bad mistake. Over-fertilizing will impede the proper growth of your plants and will eventually kill them.

Follow instructions.

DIY Hydroponic seed pods

The pods go into their respective spots with included ‘caps’


All the pods are labeled so you may identify the plants while they are growing.

Plug-In Your DIY Growing System

Working hydroponic system

LED lights go on and also a small air pump. You are a hydroponic gardener!


The pump is a very small device used to push air through an airstone located in the water well. This is needed so your plants do not ‘drown’.

It is quite quiet. Quieter than a fish tank pump.

The LED lights are programmed to go on and off as needed so your plants get all the necessary light they need.

LED lights are long lasting, very efficient, and do not get hot at all.

You may place this almost anywhere in the house and even outside during warmer months as long as there is access to an electrical supply.

Indoor gardening

Lifting the back round, you may see I have mine in my garage.


I live in South Florida which means I can get away with growing in the garage during winter months. However, for those of you up north, your basement, laundry, utility room will work.

Aero Garden 4 Weeks

Just 4 weeks from the start!


For a thought, there are some colorful models that would look good even in your kitchen.

It will not require much of a shelf if you do not have tabletop space. Just need a nearby electrical outlet.

Get Growing!


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