Hydroponics Without A Pump via The Kratky Method

Hydroponics Without  Pumps Or Electricity

One of the questions I receive about hydroponic gardening is is it possible to create hydroponics without a pump, hence on electricity?

So can you have hydroponics without a pump? While stumbling through the Google-net looking for some topics to write about, I found the Kratky Method of pumpless hydroponic gardening. It reminded me of how we take some fresh cut herbs and placed them in some water on the windowsill.

Hydroponics Without A Pump

It is almost as simple as that when it comes to Hydroponic Gardening Help. The plant on the windowsill will last only so long. That is because it will almost certainly ‘drown’ due to the fact that the roots are completely underwater. They, like us, need to breathe.

Feeding And Testing Hydroponically

Regardless of how you are approaching hydroponics, with or without pumps and electricity, the plant water needs attention.

Fertilizers and the proper pH will be needed for the success of the garden. Fertilizers will not work correctly if the pH is wrong and your plants will suffer because of that.

That goes for hydroponic gardens and also those traditional in the good ‘old dirt’ gardens.

Below are some products I highly recommend.

Step By Step Hydroponics Without A Pump


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