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Latest Trending Landscaping Ideas

So you may be coming out of a long winter, or you decided to try out that ‘green thumb’ of yours this year, and you might be wondering what the latest garden trends are.

Like all things, even the latest garden trends have a lifespan. Understand how to choose wisely for the best look for your yard to give it an up-to-date, modern appeal that is eye-catching and on track with recent trends.

latest garden trends 2020

From the most popular plants and flowers to your paving and the furniture on it, new gardening ideas and the right plantings can transform an outdoor space into something that feels good for you and impresses the company.

A Secluded Garden Design Trend

Want to get away?

Try a secluded garden or several spaces to escape life’s rat race. There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing outdoors in a beautifully landscaped corner of the yard.

One goal to consider in planning any outdoor garden is finding the right combination of lush growth compatible with your growing zone and comfortable, inviting areas you and your guests want to be in.

Private corners of a yard can quickly transform into friendly, relaxed, secluded spots ideal for reading, quiet conversations, meditation, or even a simple picnic area.

It is simple to create a space that’s both secluded and inviting.

It is best to keep seating comfortable, cozy, and trim. Establishing a boundary is easy by using a vine-covered trellis, arbor or even tall-growing hedges.

You can always build a structure such as a gazebo. A water feature or a simple outdoor fire pit could put the final touches on any outdoor garden spot.

Ensure the water feature has moving water, such as a fountain or waterfall. Standing water on those warm summer days will bring in unwanted guests, such as mosquitoes.

And before you even begin, equip yourself with the proper tools.

Latest Garden Plant Trends

Seasonal blooming plants are one of the latest garden trends being considered. Plants indigenous to your area are a shift in how we plan gardens.

Where gardens used to be more driven by the wants of the homeowner who was planting without any research, now it is more the norm to take a hint from nature.

Making a conscious effort to put native plants into the ground rather than just picking out the ‘flavor of the month’ from a big box store is an environmentally sound garden trend idea.

Checking out local resources such as a botanical garden has transformed how we plan and plant our outdoor spaces.

Choosing appropriate perennials that will produce beautiful blooms year after year can maximize efforts, paying off tenfold as the work that goes into planting one year will let gardeners reap benefits year in and out without testing your ‘green thumb’ prowess.

Planning An Exotic Garden

Plant an outdoor escape reminiscent of vacation with gorgeous exotic plants like orchids, lilies, and other tropical varieties. No need to worry too much about climate, either if you check out what might be cold and hardy in your neck of the woods.tropic garden trends

Learning container gardening is also one of the latest garden trends that they may be easily moved inside during winter. When I lived in New York, I had a neighbor with a lemon tree.

That thing would produce the best-looking lemons I have ever seen every summer. All from a pot with a wheeled dolly under it for easy movement.

In colder zones, plants such as ferns, bamboo, hibiscus, birds of paradise and others to brighten up the yard to a tropical landscape and create a surprising view of a space that reminds you of sandy beaches and summer vacations.

Checking out what thrives in a specific planting zone will ensure you plant varieties that will produce and enhance that stay-at-home vacation attitude you’re going after.

The Latest Plant Trends With Organics

Organic is everywhere you look today, and organic growth in your own backyard is trending today. The use of homemade compost to store-bought soil amendments such as “Milorganite’ is bringing

Organic gardening has become both a trend and a shift as we become increasingly conscious of the benefits of a reduce-reuse-recycle mentality. And simply put, organic gardening has clear and actual benefits.

However, even beyond the traditional wisdom sometimes associated with ‘going organic,’ many environmental benefits result from implementing organic practices. Organic gardens can benefit all aspects of life, from soil health to consideration for the well-being of your plants, your pets, and other animals, worms, and more.

Organic gardening is a trend that isn’t likely to go anywhere soon.

Vegetable Garden Trends

Staying on the organic trend, if you shop for organically grown vegetables, you will find them quite expensive. Be that as it may, many people are starting to grow their own vegetables at home. And in that respect of the latest garden trends, many are incorporating the growing of vegetables within their ornamental landscape.

The different fragrances, textures, flowers, and colors of the products add a pleasing and productive landscape use.

Don’t be afraid to plant herbs for bed borders and tomato plants off to the side of that illex. Use your imagination and space for maximum use and eye-pleasing appeal.

And feed and protect them organically.

Trending Wildlife Environments For The Home

How about a butterfly garden?

When planning and planting, forget little friends who love our gardens as much as we do! Everything from toads and ladybugs to butterflies and bees is easy to attract with the right plants and care.Butterfly Garden Design

The National Wildlife Federation even encourages home gardeners to consider becoming a Certified Wildlife Habitat, committing to creating a haven for the local wildlife in your area.

There are some quick and easy ways to build a garden that promotes and welcomes wildlife. Adding a birdbath or planting native fruit-bearing trees are just a couple of ways to encourage critters and outdoor neighbors to enjoy your space.

As are building an arbor, planting oak trees and using native hedges and growing vines. All of these are ways to make a statement while creating a more welcoming and worldly feel to a garden that’s far more than just human friends and families.

Latest Worst Garden Trends

Let us not forget the mistakes that can be made outside your garden.

Following is what ‘The Spruce‘ considers the Seven Deadly Sins of Landscaping:

  1. Growing invasive plants.
  2. Using chemicals on lawn or garden, whether as herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.
  3. Being too reliant on annual or other plants deemed “over-used”.
  4. Burdening the eye with plastic.
  5. Altering natural objects to give them an unnatural look, whether trimming shrubs, mulching, etc.
  6. Practicing “redneck landscaping,” e.g., using old tires as plant containers.
  7. Letting your yard “go to the kids” with holiday decorations such as Christmas inflatables.

Even though these latest gardening trends are intended for your garden today, they are everlasting and proven ways to transform any outdoor space into a lush, gorgeous garden space you can enjoy year in and year out.

And if the trends drastically change?  That may be a good thing. It’s a great excuse to get back out there and spruce it up again with the latest new gardening ideas!

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