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Starting A Garden While Sheltering In Place

The moments we are spending now are very complicated to face, being locked up in our houses. It is becoming more and more tedious because of so much free time. To pass that time, you might be asking how to start a home garden.

So how and why would you want to start a home garden? We have to know how to take advantage of that free time and the best way to do it without a doubt is to invest our time in gardening, which for a long time has been recommended as a great hobby, and more so now that many people are starting this relaxing activity.

how to start a home garden

To start our beautiful garden at home, we must first inform ourselves on how to plant correctly, it is not only looking for a piece of land and putting the seed of what you want to plant; we must fill ourselves with knowledge and arm ourselves with dedication so that our garden can flourish wonderfully.

Strategies Of How To Start A Home Garden

What do you want to do with your garden? A vegetable garden? Or a sea of flowers? A cottage garden or one of a French design?

It isn’t easy to combine all these wishes and desires. That is why it is advisable to set certain limits, at least initially. It will take time to create your own Eden. Before you begin work, you should consider the various functions that the garden should fulfill.

Whether it should include, for example, places to sit, to play, etc, also, consider the climatic conditions of your area.

There can be many different types of soil in the same country. For this reason, a good measure is to consult a municipal garden center or nursery. These facilities usually provide all the necessary information about the area’s vegetation, climate, and soil.

Buying plants blindly, without proper information beforehand, is often expensive and overlooked when wondering how to start a home garden.

The quality is worth it, really.

Starting A Garden With Proper Tools

It is true that it is not difficult to find cheap tools and flowers for sale in any big box store or nursery. As it is also true that no plant will flower in oligotrophic or poor-quality soil.

The tools should last longer than one season. To do this, buy good quality tools and materials. It is always better to buy fewer things, even if they are more expensive since they will last much longer.

Useful tools for a novice gardener: a shovel for digging, a rake, a lawnmower, garden shears, a hedge trimmer, an irrigation hose, and sprinklers.

These are the essential tools to get started with our quality work.

Planning Your Home Garden Design

When considering how to start a home garden, there are many landscape design considerations and different tools for every garden, so you need to focus on what you want.

Square foot gardening.

The checkered garden is intensive in an area of approximately 4×4 feet. This square can receive up to 16 different varieties of vegetables. The soil used can consist of many combinations of a substrate. This will allow the soil to be adapted to the varieties to be planted, and the density of plants in a small area will facilitate maintenance.

Not everyone has a large area of land to create a garden. Thus, the advantage of checkered gardens is that they allow you to grow several varieties in a very small area.

Container gardening.

Pot gardening, you could say that it is the most “simple” of all, and you do not worry so much about the space that you present in your house.

Container Gardening

We can create a garden from combinations of plant varieties and design a special space for the different pots. With so many shapes and styles for a potted garden, our design has no limits.

Potted plants are a little more demanding because they are more dependent on us to meet their needs; fortunately, they have very simple needs: adequate soil, adequate light, enough water, shelter from extreme heat or cold, and pest control if necessary.

Simple garden.

A simple garden does not require much work, as its name indicates. It can be small, distributed in some flowerpots, or a small garden with shrubs, and its care would not be complicated, only to be on the watch of watering the necessary water and that it obtains necessary solar light.

Having these gardens does not require much attention compared to flower gardens and is ideal for those who have little space in their homes but still do not go unnoticed for their desire to have a nice garden.

Landscape plants.

Creating a beautiful landscape with beautiful varieties of plants and flowers, but this activity takes much dedication and passion for decoration.

They look beautiful in front of our houses. It presents our passion for creating a landscape worth showing off.

It is not easy to create a landscape of this type and less for beginners. There are many factors taken such as the type of flowers that we can plant, look for decorations for the landscape, look for variations of plants, and look for a good fertilizer so that everything blooms in a good way, and the most indispensable: it is necessary to have patience.

The gardening community loves these landscapes because they love their great natural beauty.

How To Start A Home Garden With Flowers

It is a very bright touch for your garden. There is nothing like flowers in a garden, it makes you feel and look complete without anything missing.

And for that, you need to know reasonably well what flowers you may plant in your garden without any problems.

These are good tips that you will need to implement:

Prepare the soil by removing weeds and making a good supply of compost.

The soil or pot should have enough nutrients for the plant to grow properly.

Water regularly, keeping the soil moist.

The ideal form of watering is with a drip line or a watering can.

A good trick is to make mulch from stones or straw on the ground to keep the soil moist and the weeds down.

Find out the sunlight requirements of the particular plant.

Find out if the plant is better off outdoors, in the sun or shade, or indoors.

Planting flowers is fairly simple.

All it takes is patience and good planning—the simplest ways to beautify your favorite spaces as soon as possible.

It depends on the species and variety of flowers you want to plant.

There are flowers for practically every time of the year, and some types that bloom during most of the year.

Find out the most suitable seasons, considering the region where you live and the type of flowers you want to plant.

For annuals: Most annuals are planted in the spring to bloom in the summer and fall.

In very warm regions, planting can be done in the fall so that they bloom in the spring of the following year since frost is not a problem to consider

Some annual flowers are Sage, Marigold, Ageratum, etc.

Biannual flowers take two years to bloom. During the first year, they only produce stems and leaves, and they produce flowers until the second year.

This type of flower is more resistant to frost.

Sowing is done regularly in mid-summer, and until late autumn, so they bloom at the end of the following winter or spring.

Some biannual flowers are the Royal Mallow, the Pansy, and the Wallflower.

Seasonal flowers:

They bloom under specific conditions and dates, such as Christmas Cactus and Poinsettias.

It is important to determine the specifications according to each type and variety we want to plant to get the most out of our crop during the 12 months of the year.

Flowers that can be planted all year round:

Goose flowers
Peace Lilies

And many more…
It is important to consider the climatic conditions that prevail in your region.

Depending on the climate and temperature of your place, some flowers may grow more easily than others.

Consider whether the type of flower you want to plant requires specific temperatures, either in the soil or the environment.

Some flowers are too delicate to plant outdoors, especially when there is a risk of frost. In these cases, it is advisable to plant them in protected pots.

Interior Plants For The Home Garden

One of the best options for achieving the perfect ambiance in any room in our house is using indoor plants as a decorative complement. Their health benefits have been widely proven: they create relaxed environments and reduce stress. But in addition, they also help to reduce dust by reducing the dryness of the environment.

inside gardening

No matter the style of decoration, there are so wide varieties of flowers and plants that are easily adaptable to any style and environment, whether traditional or completely modern.

Decorative houseplants not only have multiple aesthetic benefits but also provide psychological benefits that make them an unbeatable element for home decoration.

The only thing to consider is their need for light and humidity and, above all, consider that, in general, few plants can withstand the continuous change from one place to another, so it is better to keep them always in the same place in the house.

As you can see, the gardening theme is extensive and has too many variations, and you can find something ideal to suit your needs and spaces. There is everything for everyone in the gardening activity, and here we can see.

It is a perfect idea for those interested in creating a beautiful garden in their home and even more so now that we have plenty of time and can, without a doubt, spend our free time in a garden that adapts to our private needs.

Starting A Survival Garden

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