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Thriving Greens in Tiny Places: The Container Gardening Guide

Not a lot of space?

Container Gardening might be your answer.

Everyone should have a garden.

They say gardening is therapeutic. Plant lovers or people with ‘green thumbs’ love to tinker with green plants. Some people even talk to their plants. They say they will respond positively if you talk to them, like bearing you more flowers.

Others find their plants grow robustly when they talk to them. Sometimes, when not in season, some say talking to your plants will get them to bear flowers.

Whether there is scientific proof of this or not does not matter. Believe what you like to believe.

What is important is that you are happy with what you do and see.

You hear many such stories from retirees or elderly who want to enjoy their life by gardening in the back of their yards, tinkering with every plant they have.

However, this article is not really about talking to plants. This article is about an alternative to makeshift gardening.

How about raised bed garden ideas?

That being said, what if you live in a condominium without any soil area provision? Is there a good alternative for outdoor gardening? Yes, there is.

Sometimes, in a small pad or on a limited space of wall enclosures, you can always find ways to grow vegetables, shrubs, and flowers right inside the comfort of your condo, pad, or apartment.

More often than not, you would always have a small veranda, balcony, or window fronting an exit staircase or a common place where sunlight can enter your room.

This is most likely where you can position your plants. Perhaps an indoor herb garden. Have you heard of container gardening?

You can make your container vegetable gardening awesome. If you are more artistic, you can select some colorful containers in different sizes depending on the kind of seedling or germ you will plant. This will make your mini container garden attractive.

Put soil on these containers and plant your favorite flowers or quick-to-grow veggies like tomatoes, mung bean (also known as green gram or golden gram) with the scientific name Vigna radiate, etc.

You can also grow mung sprouts out of your mung beans.

For the other veggies, you need some literature or references to find out how to plant a variety or what type of soil to put in your raised vegetable garden bed so that your plants grow robustly.

You also need to know how to maintain raised bed gardening because some plants need less water while others need a lot. Some may even require a sprinkle of organic fertilizer once in a while.

So there you have it. When they grow and bear fruits and flowers, you get that kind of satisfaction that gardeners want to feel.

Anyone can still enjoy gardening inside a condominium using container gardening.

In another case, many people with greenhouses carry out container gardening.

A greenhouse, to some unfamiliar with it, is simply a small structure or shaft, chiefly made of glass or any desired material, wherein temperature and humidity can be controlled for the cultivation and protection of plants.

Inside greenhouses, you will find typical container gardening and raised garden beds arranged by plant category.

An Idea on Watering Container Gardens from the Web:

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