Aero Garden Review-Easy Hydroponics

Areo Garden For Easy Hydroponic Gardening

Advanced hydroponics made simple.”

When I made a visit to Walt Disney World several years ago, I went on a behind the scenes tour that is offered in The Land pavilion. On that tour, one is introduced to the very interesting concept of hydroponic garden

And I jumped in.

And as usual too fast.

Without much research, and with the wrong instruction and little patience.

I tried several different systems that did not work. Not the systems fault, my fault. Lack of time, trying to cut corners, my way is better attitude, etc.

Then comes along a product such as this Aero Garden. Kind of a one stop, easy to use smart system that will not only give you great results but will also, maybe, get you hooked on this way of growing produce as it has done to me.

From herbs on a counter top to vegetables in the backyard using hydroponics.

So let me try and get you hooked.

This aero garden is an all inclusive hydroponic system for the easy growing of herbs inside your house or apartment.

It has its own lighting system to maximize photosynthesis, a control panel that will control the lighting, let you know when to add water and nutrients. (the nutrients are included, the water…..well you will have to use your own.)

Also included is a 7 pod gourmet seed assortment of herbs so you may get started immediately.

Also included are the nutrients needed to keep your garden healthy.

This Aero Garden is Not Limited to Herbs

aero garden

Veggies too.

aero garden

And flowers.

Plant a little of everything if you want. Make it interesting. Kick it up a notch or three!

It’s so easy, a child could do it.

Think of the freshness, the money saved at the grocery store, the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

Check it out now. read some other reviews. Get Growing!

Some add-on features to continue your growing:


Aero Garden

Aero Garden

Easy to use


    Everything needed is included


      Easy set up


        Pod Refills from Miracle-Gro


          Distilled water works best



            • All inclusive
            • Does not need sunlight
            • Easy controls
            • Grow year round


            • A little pricey
            • Through cleaning needed after each harvest
            • Distilled water works best to keep lines cleaner.