A Little About Us

During a long weekend getaway to a little place called Epcot in a little larger place called Walt Disney World (perhaps you heard of them), my wife and I went to one of our favorite attractions, Soarin, in the Land Pavilion.

In that same pavilion is another attraction, a river ride that brings you through the history of farming ending in their hydroponic area. We signed up for the backstage tour and were fascinated.

Hydroponic Gardening Help

The Land @ Walt Disney World

We learned this is something we could do in our own back yard and went on an information search on the internet.

I have been growing things all my life and have always found the work relaxing and rewarding. There are few things like placing your own harvest on the kitchen table.

This site is an attempt to share the information I found, the hobby I enjoy, and maybe to persuade you to get growing!

If you have any suggestions for or about this page, this site, or the information presented, please contact us.