Things To Know About Me

As I mentioned on the About Us page, I have been growing things all my life and have always found the work relaxing and rewarding. When I was young, my parents always let me have a piece of the yard for my vegetable garden.

Now, in my own place with my own yard, I continue to grow things. Few things are more rewarding than placing your own harvest on the kitchen table.

Over the years, I received a horticulture and landscape design education from the New York Botanical Garden and tried my hand at my own landscape business in New York, then moved to South Florida.

Mixing a hobby with a business was not all that…..for me.

It is a lot more fun as a hobby, and it is a lot more fun writing about it for those who want the information.

I got hooked on hydroponics after a visit to Disney World and never looked back. I love the technology and have tried several methods, failed at some. successful in others and have one or two more projects on the drawing board.

I will show and explain the ups and downs of the organic gardening world.

Not just hydroponics. I will also cover old-fashioned dirt gardening, which will never go out of style.

Enjoy the site, and if you have any questions, ideas, or complaints, contact me. I am always open to whatever might be on your mind.